Investing in property is an important part of wealth creation for many people allowing you to take advantage of Capital Growth, Cash flow from rental income and Tax benefits.

I always recommend you speak to your Financial Planner and/or Tax Accountant first to determine if property investing is right for you, and to understand how this will impact your individual circumstances to ensure you can maximise your tax benefits.

Once you’ve decided to go ahead, I can discuss with you the number of ways to structure a loan for investment purposes and look at the best loan features for an investment property incorporating your Financial Planner and Tax accountants advice.

Being a property investor myself I understand the process involved and have a passion for seeing others build their property portfolio.

Investment loans are generally the same as loans for owner occupied homes however investors tend to favour interest only or line of credit/portfolio loans, which provide tax benefits, increased cash flow and ease of access to equity for ongoing purchase of properties in the portfolio.

It is important that you first discuss the benefits for your circumstances with a tax accountant to ensure you understand capital gains tax, negative gearing and any tax deductions available from property investing. Your accountant can advise the best structure to meet your individual tax requirements (whether the investment loans be in an individual name, company name or trust structure) and from there I can show you the best loan options with lenders to ensure we meet your financial goals.

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