Many people refinance because:

  • They're seeking a better interest rate
  • Looking to reduce their monthly home loan repayments
  • Wanting to use some of their equity for a holiday, home renovations , a new car
  • To clear unwanted debt (credit cards, personal loans)
  • To use equity in order to purchase an investment property
  • The original loan and features no longer meet your needs (some people pay for loan features that are never used and essentially this is wasting money)

All too often you purchase a property and continue with your loan repayments focused on paying off that mortgage. Over time however your personal circumstances can change and the loan you originally started with may no longer be the most appropriate or suitable. Refinancing is not always the best option for everyone (as there can be costs involved) but it is worth reviewing your situation to make sure your home loan is the best for you.

Whatever the reason we can discuss the various options available to you to. As much as I'm passionate about helping clients purchase their properties I'm also focused on long term financial maintenance of your loan to ensure that your mortgage is always working the best for you.

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