Warren Loos

Loan Market Mortgage Broker servicing Salisbury, Macgregor, Parke West, Sunnybank and surrounding suburbs

About Warren Loos

Warren ensures the financial services he offers aligns with your investment plan, working for you to achieve your financial goal. Warren has a financial planning background, so he also provides further value based on his financial planning expertise at no additional cost to you.

With access to over eight hundred loan products from over 30 lenders including the big four banks and major lenders, Warren is able to provide tailored financial solutions based on your current financial circumstances and goals. He can also put strategies in place so you pay off your bad debt in the quickest time possible, showing you his 'tricks of the trade'. Best of all, Warren doesn't charge for his time as he's paid by the lender you choose.

Being tax-qualified and a CPA together with his wide experience in private banking enables Warren to guide and assist all his investment clients through their investment property purchases with the following services:

  • Liaising with their accountant/tax planner to ensure the most tax efficient investment lending structures are in place
  • Structuring investment property deals based on their current/future situation (eg negative, neutral or positive gearing) in order to maximise both current and future tax effectiveness
  • Advise and make known other tax efficient investment facilities such as pre-paid interest that will suit investor clients.