About Us

Being a people’s person and getting positive energy when dealing with clients, I wanted to help secure the lifestyle and finance requirements that my clients are after by providing them with solutions.  Being a broker allows me to inform and provide to my clients, what they need to achieve their goals and dreams. 

With over 40 lenders to select from, I work with you to understand all the factors at play for my individual clients. It allows me to increase the chances of a successful loan product that is best suited to your needs.  Going through the loan process can be complex but I keep you informed every step of the way.  From:

Preparation - being lender ready

Selecting the lender - what features are required and suitable

Loan Submission and application - Indicated Time frames 

Settlement dates - working with solicitors

Future Lending and requirements - Ongoing I am your dedicated broker.

 Whether you are looking for your first home, are self employed or an investor, whatever your finance needs are, I can add a lot of value to you with lender selection, education and strategy.


 Self Employed - Lender selection is critical based on your financials and their policy for affordability. We also offer Asset Finance and Commercial finance solutions, after all, I want to be your go-to finance broker. 

First Home Buyers - Education regarding the lending process, is one of my key focus’. After years of teaching in other industries, it is a natural fit for me to make the complex buying process a less stressful journey for you.  I will help you learn and understand more about your home loan to give you more confidence around this major life milestone.

Investors - From Mum’s and Dad’s, to the professional investors, strategy and lender choice is key. We work to determine the best options available so you can move closer to your goals. I educate you that sometimes rate does not always have to be the main factor, it is what you’re wanting to achieve that is our main focus.


 Always having a genuine interest in my clients and your needs, I am continually learning and developing so I can better serve and create exceptional customer experiences. With the goal to build a strong and long lasting business, I will impress you to ensure I am here to help for all your finance needs.