About Us

Wayne's focus for the business is exceptional customer service and as such, knows that having a team to support and compliment each other is of massive benefit our clients. Wayne says "once our Broker establishes a way forward with our client, they are looked after by our dedicated Client Managers who step them through the loan process. This is invaluable to our client as they are experts in liaising with lenders and are dedicated to the task of getting to an unconditional approval quickly and smoothly, taking stress and work from the client wherever possible."

Many of our clients have returned and used our services multiple times. It's a huge advantage to have a good broker on your side as they are able to review your circumstances as time goes by and ensure that you are not missing an opportunity to save money on your loans. Wayne has been working with the team to ensure that our clients are looked after long after settlement by enhancing his Post Settlement process to ensure that the Client Manager contacts the client when their fixed rate and interest only periods are due to expire to review where they are at and to give them options for their loan(s).

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Referral Program

We want to help you, we want to help your family and your friends!

Referrals play a big part of Wayne’s business and as a token of his appreciation, Wayne has created a referral program where every home loan referral, no matter what it is, will receive a $20.00 Eftpos Gift Card. If that referral then goes through to settlement, another Eftpos Gift Card valued between $100.00 - $200.00 will be issued as a THANK YOU!