Self employed buyers

Purchasing property or refinancing when you are Employed is one thing….doing this when you are Self Employed can be much more of a Challenge.

Being Self Employed, our Brokers understand and appreciate the pressures, time constraints and complexities it brings. Trying to find the time to work out the finances so that you can purchase a home or refinance your current loan can all too easily be put into the ‘Too Hard Basket’.

Leave us to do all the unravelling for you. What can seem very difficult can become very easy.

We enjoy the challenge of organising loans for those of us that are Self Employed. Granted, verifying income isn’t as easy as someone employed on a Salary but this doesn’t deter us.

If you are thinking of purchasing your First Home, second, third or fourth etc. or Refinancing what you already have then please get in touch and let’s make sure this process is made as easy and painless as possible.

It is always important to make sure you have the right product to suit your needs. If you are in business you are sure to appreciate not paying more for things when you don’t need to. This is one things we am passionate about with your loan. Let’s get the Right Deal that suits what you want and need.

Call or email us anytime day, evening or weekends for further information or if you just have some questions.

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