About Wayne Pope

Wayne Pope has worked in the industry as a mortgage broker for over 10 years and has achieved many awards and has built a reliable and friendly team of Brokers and Client Managers to expertly help you navigate the world of finance.

When asked about his experience, Wayne is quick to point out that his drive is not about awards “Awards are nice and always give you a good feeling, but the good feeling is not about the actual award or prize received, it is more knowing that I have done a good job for my clients”.

Wayne's aim is always to secure the right deal that suits you and your circumstances. “If the cheapest product on the Market suits everything the clients wants and needs, then why pay more to go somewhere else?”.

Wayne will take the time to discuss the options with his clients to see what is most important to them. In some cases, this could be they want to able to walk into a branch or only like dealing with one of the 4 majors.

“It is twofold - cheapest and best is great but what the client wants from a product is just as important. Through discussion, this is where we end up with the client having the best product that suits what they want and need”.

Wayne gets a real buzz from opening doors and opportunities for people. Wayne explains “lots of people I meet do not realise exactly what they can do and achieve, many clients I have spoken to have thought they needed to sell before they could buy another home. During our meeting they have discovered that they could actually keep their existing property and still buy their new home. The best part of this is when they find out they are actually paying out less per month from their pockets with the two properties than what they were with just the one”.

Refinancing and saving people money is something that Wayne just loves doing everyday “Probably about 70-80% of people that I talk to pay more for their loans then they need to. The main reason for this is that generally everyone does the most important thing with their loan which is Pay for it on time, they do not do for me the second most important thing CHECK IT!”.

Wayne and his team offer complimentary Home Loan Health Checks to see if there are better deals, either with your existing lender or in the market, which will save you money.

“This year alone I have saved 2 different clients over $12,000 a year in Interest on their loans. This is a massive saving and has giving them so much more money back. However it doesn’t
matter if it is $12,000 or $1,000 as long as it is a saving then the money is better in my client’s pockets than in the Banks”.