Arthur Lim

Loan Market Mortgage Broker servicing Belmont, Carlisle, Cloverdale and surrounding suburbs

About Arthur Lim

Not just the big four banks lend you money for your different needs and purposes. Be it for buying your first home, financing your dream car, investing in your next home or just pure and simple loan for your wedding that you have always wanted, I can help.

I am here to assist you all the way from start to the end. My vast experience with customer service has brought me to this field to help you find the right loan to suit your needs and wants.

I am here to make sure that your finance needs are catered for by doing the legwork for you. With access to 30 lenders, you can be assured that there will be no stone unturned. Different lenders has their own specialties and policies. However, by choosing me as your broker, I can liaise and negotiate to the lenders on your behalf.

I am here also to give you the best solutions to your financial needs, according to your current circumstances and at the time you make the enquiry.

That is not all. I am also able to liaise to the relevant parties that will be involved in your next purchase decision.

I specialise in:

  • First home buyers mortgage
  • Construction mortgage
  • Investment home mortgage
  • Motor vehicle loans
  • Personal loans
  • Insurance

Book your free appointment

Be it in the comfort of your own home or at your workplace, book a free appointment at our mutually convenient time.

Should you wish to visit the office, I am located at Perth’s south of the river convenient suburb in Cannington.

What happens at the appointment?

After the interview I will gather all the necessary information. Prior to the appointment, I will ask you to bring few documents that will allow me to do the investigation. By doing so, I am getting a better picture of your life and your current financial background. After doing so, I will do the research and call the relevant lenders that may suit your needs by assessing your background.

Once I compile all the necessary information, I will invite you back for another appointment session where I will explain each lender that may facilitate the finance for your needs. Should you agree, I will then take the application form and all the necessary documents off you that I did not get from our previous meeting and submit that to your chosen lender and product.

The lender then will give feedbacks of how the application went at the earliest timeframe possible.

Once the lender satisfied with all aspect of the loan, then we can proceed to settlement of the finance.