Sick of your current bank or just want to compare what’s out there?

It couldn’t be easier than siting down with me and comparing over 30 different lenders within minutes.

We get that you’re busy and make sure we make the process simple.

We can meet you at a time and place convenient to you, yes we’ll come to you, some Saturday appointments available also.

We will:

  • Sit down and compare your current loan and benefits with what else is available
  • We’ll compare interest over the life of the loan, fees and charges and benefits such as extra repayments and offset accounts
  • I have personally saved my clients thousands of dollars with this process and i can certainly do this
  • If it is better to stay with your lender we will go back and negotiate a better rate or product with them for you
  • Send in your forms to old bank to get you out and we’ll arrange appointments with your new lender for accounts and transfer direct debits, internet baking and cards, insurance or overdrafts
  • If it is better to move we’ll complete the paperwork for you, apply and keep you updated

Our services are complimentary and without obligation, we are happy to meet and let you decide the value in our service.

All costs with lenders are disclosed upfront, there are no surprises here and the savings will be disclosed to you too…

I have over 13 years experience in finance and am often shocked at the lengths people will go to to save $50 a year on insurance but trust their bank to offer the best loan to them…when you want to be sure we’ll make an appointment with you that could potentially save you thousands….

That’s the difference of experience, knowledge and service.

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