Your local mortgage broker in Mermaid Beach, Mermaid Waters, Robina, Merrimac and surrounding suburbs

As everyone’s work and financial situation is different and as all banks and lenders have different policies, I can guide you through your specific lending needs and provide you with the most competitive solution not from just one lender but compare many, so you have choice.

My extensive finance experience sets me apart from other brokers and it’s this that I can assist people that are either just starting out their journey as a first home buyer through to the seasoned investor.

My role is to take away the unnecessary stress that can come with the loan application process, while we still have a smile. I’m there to navigate the maze of documents with you and be there every step of the way, and these are the many benefits of using me as your broker.


  • Tennille Orsolic
    Chris Lee did all the investigating before we started the loan process. Chris was very honest and made us feel important. He was lovely enough to call us after settlement. An overall fantastic and stress free experience.
  • Beth and Rajesh Walton
    We can’t express enough how thankful we are for your assistance and advice right throughout the process of purchasing our first home. You provided clarity and couldn’t have done without you.
  • Greg, Linda, Cate and Connor Collins
    Thank you so much for the wonderful home loan service you have provided us. We are really grateful for all the help and assistance and it was great to have a laugh along the way.
  • Amanda and John Welch
    Hey Chris, thanks heaps for all your help and constant communication. You have proven to be a valuable asset to us.
  • Rebecca McGregor
    Thank you Chris for managing my finances, you've allowed me to follow and understand the steps to a more secure financial situation. You have made it so much easier to do!
  • Dustin Hancock
    Chris did a lot of work for me when I purchased my property. It was difficult because of its size and located in a rural area. Hardly any bank would lend me the money, yet you found a solution, you really went above and beyond.
  • Khayla Broad
    Chris was great to work with, he really took all of the confusion out of getting a loan. Being a total financial naiveite & lacking the time to dedicate to researching for the ‘perfect rates’ I couldn’t have done it without him.
  • Richard Hall
    Chris is a people person, willing to help at every opportunity. He demonstrates empathy and compassion towards his clients and has shown to go above and beyond his clients expectations, which is why so many people do business with him.
  • Briane James
    Chris provided so much guidance and support through my first mortgage journey. He kept me up to day regularly and spoke to the agents and solicitors on my behalf. It was such a seamless process. Thanks Chris!
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