4 easy projects to cool your home

January is one of the hottest months of the year. This January may be the year when you do something about the heat. Here are four projects you can do around the home this January that will pay dividends this year and in the years to come.

1. Install an awning

A good way to keep the sun out and cool the house is to install awnings. Today's awnings can cover a larger area without additional support. The sun won't enter your home and you will be able to enjoy your patio even on the hottest days. Find an installation expert here.

2. Install shutters

Heavy curtains help keep sunlight from entering the home. Heavy curtains also prevent light from entering the home. Shutters may be the perfect solution. You can adjust shutters to allow some light to enter the home, but prevent the home from overheating. Find a carpenter here.

3. Install ceiling fans

Air conditioning is expensive. Ceiling fans can keep you cool without the high cost of air conditioning. Modern ceiling fans look good and are a great way to keep cool in the summer. Find an electrician here.

4. Install a vertical garden

Landscaping can help keep the home cooler. For example, walls that face the sun get very hot. The heat passes through the walls and into your home. One way to keep your walls cooler is to install a vertical garden near or against a wall that faces the sun. Find a landscaper here.