Find your style with these 6 bathroom renovation ideas

Renovating your bathroom is a daunting but exciting task. There are so many things to consider between tiles, tapware, vanities, shower heads, quality and the list goes on! The exciting part is choosing your design, together with hipages we've put together 6 ideas for your inspiration board.

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1. Stone feature wall

If a stone feature wall doesn't scream luxe bathroom, I don't know what does. By limiting your bathroom to a marble feature wall, you're reducing the cost of expensive tiles whilst keeping the wow factor. Find your tiling specialist here.

2. Light it up

There's nothing better than natural light and your bathroom. If a whole window is too big of a project, consider a skylight - you won't regret it! Find your bathroom renovation specialist here.

3. Feature bathtub

If you have a large bathroom space, why not make a feature bathtub the hero of your room. With our never ending to-do lists, having a bath is a way to shut off from work and technology with a book or glass of wine! Find your local plumber here.

4. Wooden vanity

Like a good pair of jeans you can never go wrong with classic solid timber! The design will never date and looks great as a bathroom vanity. The best part about timber is it can go with a range of different coloured tiles and sinks. Find your local cabinet maker here.

5. Practical storage

Design is key, but so is practicality. Between storing towels, medicines, first aid and beauty products there are plenty of things that need a home in your bathroom. Find a way to work practical storage into your design to make your every day life easier.Find your local cabinet maker here.

6. Tile feature wall

A tile feature wall is a way to make your bathroom standout from the rest. Go bold or be subtle in your design, either way it's bound to be different. Find your tiling specialist here.