NSW Award Winning Mortgage Broker in Double Bay

I'm so proud to have recently been awarded the Best Residential Broker at the NSW Better Business Awards and that would not have been possible without your help.

I am very proud of this achievement and what this means to my clients. I pride myself on putting you at the forefront of everything I do and will always strive to save you time and money when it comes to finding the right loan, while providing the best customer service.

If your financial goals have changed or you have any questions with your existing loan, please let me know and I’d be happy to have a chat with you.

Want to know about me and my business? Watch the videos below!

Your local mortgage broker in Double Bay

My financial planning experience sets me apart from other mortgage brokers. I can not only help you find the perfect home loan, but also streamline your personal finances - giving you more control over your money and the freedom to enjoy the life you love.

Whether you're buying or selling a property, I can support you through the mortgage process from the start to finish. Regardless of whether you're a first-time buyer, looking to refinance or a seasoned investor, I can help you track down a home loan that suits your circumstances and lifestyle. 

Industry Awards:

2018 REB Award Winner Best Residential Broker Australia

2018 Australian Broking Awards 2018 Finalist Best Residential Broker Australia

2018 Better Business Awards Winner Best Residential Broker NSW

2018 MFAA Excellence Awards Finalist NSW/ACT Residential Finance Broker Award 

2017 Australian Mortgage Awards Finalist Brokerage of the Year Australia 

Loan Market Awards:

2017 No. 1 Broker in Ray White NSW Receipted Settlements

2017 No. 2 Broker in Ray White International Settlements

2017 No. 5 Broker International

2017 Career Milestone $350 Million settlements

2017 Platinum Elite Broker 

2017 Platinum Customer Satisfaction

Daniel Pym and Tommy Nguyen | 2018 MFAA Excellence Awards


  • Nicole
    "As you know, we finally got the keys to the house yesterday. After all the stress and tears, I just wanted to formally say a massive THANK-YOU for everything you did for us. You’re a really good guy and exceptional at your job. You’re dynamic and a really good communicator and helped me make the best of a tough situation. I have recommended you to just about everyone I know so hopefully plenty of business will be coming your way."
  • Melanie Goodsir
    "Exceptional Service" The service we have received from Daniel over the last few months has been nothing but exceptional. My fiance and I have just purchased our first home together, and without Daniel's guidance and advice, the process would have been much more daunting. Daniel made us feel so comfortable about our decisions, we never felt pressured and we really appreciate how he treated us during the process. I asked him a million questions and he was always quick to respond with my answer first go. He spoke to us and related to us so we were understanding of the process we were going through. He really made buying our first home easy & stress free. He's more than great at his job, I feel he went above & beyond to help us and I will not think twice about recommending Daniel to anyone I know purchasing in the future.
  • Darren and Jennifer, Double Bay
    "We Felt Extremely Comfortable" Very quickly after meeting Daniel, we felt extremely comfortable that he was synchronised to what we were trying to achieve, and was able to show us and recommend a range of products that…provided us an optimal loan structure and saved us thousands of dollars per yer in interest payments. Such is our confidence in Daniel, we have entrusted him to broker mortgages for 3 additional properties…We highly recommend the services of Daniel to both owner-occupiers and investors alike.
  • David
    "His service, manner and follow up were first rate".
  • Samantha and Michael
    "Daniel was amazing to deal with. He walked us through every step and helped us achieve the best rate! His service was excellent and he really took the time to get to know our lifestyle and structure a loan that was suited to our family's needs."
  • Simon Pratt
    Very approachable, experienced, informative and professional.
  • Leanne
    "Tommy and Dan worked extremely fast to get us the loan in a difficult situation"
  • Sharon
    "Excellent Service"
  • Yotam
    Dan and colleague made the whole process seamless and always replied promptly to my queries
  • H
    Wow! Amazing. You have honestly secured me as a client for life. I did not even have to chat to you and this was done in less than 24 hours! That is a saving to me of approx $887 per annum. Thank you mate
  • Romin
    Dear Tommy and Daniel, I wanted to share with you my experience over the last year since we engaged your services for our new loan. From the start you have been extremely pro-active, supportive and extremely clear through what can be a challenging process. Even now as we approach the end and secure our new loan - the whole process end to end has been extremely pleasant, something I didn't think I would say to securing a mortgage. A true testament to your hard work and diligent approach which is something to be proud of. I would more than happily recommend your services to friends and family and we hope to secure our next new loan with yourselves again. Thank you again.
  • Gordon Lothian
    Daniel was very good with explaining the loans to my wife and myself - I would recommend him to my friends.
  • Katrena
    Residential Home Loan
    HI Daniel I am a client of Tommy's. You have probably heard my name mentioned many times since Tommy has been working tirelessly to cater for our every request for almost a year! I am not sure of the reporting structure/hierarchy within your business, but I feel I need to scream Tommy's praises to someone else rather than just saying thank you 1000 times to him, which probably sounds like empty words after a while! It just doesn't do him justice. We have not yet secured the perfect property but without a doubt, I know Tommy has done everything in his power to put us in a position to do so. We believe Tommy is an absolute asset to Loan Market and a shining star in the Broker Industry. He genuinely cares about us and finding our perfect family home. When I call him, he ran recite every detail of our situation off the top of his head; right down to my daily salary rate, days of work, work contract end dates, amazing! We have had ordinary experiences in the past, where we constantly need to remind Brokers of our details with every phone call, and we are the ones highlighting the risks and concerns. I trust 100% that Tommy has our best interests at heart. He won't apply if he believes it will put us in an adverse position. Last week Tommy went to great lengths to apply for a pre-approval with a second Bank just so that we have a chance to be in the running for a property on Company title. The chances of us getting this property within our budget are not great, but Tommy was prepared to do everything he could to get a tick in the finance box so we can progress through to the next stage. He worked right up to the last minute prior to his annual leave to get this done for us; plus handed it over to Glenn, reassuring us we are in very capable hands. I hope for ours as well as Tommy's, we secure a property soon. And he can then invest his time in impressing and granting wishes for other clients.
  • Miro
    Residential Home Loan
    Thank you for everything you have done in helping us pursue our dream home. We are very fortunate to have you on our side. The communication, professionalism and efficiency throughout the whole process was above and beyond our experience and expectations. Thank you so much once again we are forever humble and grateful for your service.
  • Katrena & Miro
    Residential Home Loan
    "The wisest investment decision you can make over the life of a 30 year loan is in that of a Broker. The smartest choice you can make is ensuring you go with the right Broker - Tommy Nguyen from Loan Market. Tommy helped us for over 12 months to secure our perfect home. Prior to meeting Tommy we had average experiences with Broker's who we constantly needed to remind them of our details with every phone call and chasing them for status updates. Being in the market for a lengthy period, this was frustrating and also risky going to auction on properties without 100% confidence that we understood our financial position and security. Working with Tommy was a completely different experience. He proactively kept our pre-approval current for more than 12 months, applying for packages to suit our unique situation and the various properties we were interested at the time. He put us in the best position to bid on a property knowing with confidence our limits. In a tightening market and more stringent borrowing rules, plus our employment situations are not typical, we were able to trust that Tommy had our best interests at heart. We have learned a lot of specialist knowledge and experience, not to mention, time goes in to securing a pre-approval that is fit for the customer. Tommy is relatable, intelligent and importantly has networks with knowledge. He is across the vast and diverse range of loan options available and was able to advise the best package for our circumstances. He has had his own experiences with property buying, and genuinely cared about supporting us to find our perfect family home. He knew the details of our situation, not only financial but also our property search criteria just as well as we did. With many clients on the go, and a multitude of situations, this was very impressive. From the time of us viewing our 'dream' property, and signing a contract of sale was 24 hours. Without full transparency of our finances, we wouldn't have been able to act so quickly and would have likely missed out on our dream home. Now that we have just purchased, and with 5 weeks ahead to settlement, our final loan approval process is complete...."
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