Number crunch: The nitty gritty of buying your home

Buying your first place? The numbers can be scary, that’s for sure. But while the kinds of figures involved are intimidating, knowledge is power. And if you can get your head around these basics, you’re honestly most of the way there.

A good place to start is running some numbers using our online calculators. We have 16 different calculators to help you see where you stand. 

Number Crunch 1: How much can I borrow?

Knowing how much you can spend on a property is crucial, and it’s easy to find out. Punch in your income, expenses, the number of dependents you have and a few other details, and you’ll soon know your borrowing power.

Number Crunch 2: What will my repayments be?

Everyone wants to know this one! After all – this is the amount you’re really going to feel. To get it, click here then just enter the loan amount, period and type, and the interest rate amount. 

The calculator will then spit out your monthly, fortnightly or weekly repayments.

Number Crunch 3: How much stamp duty will I pay?

Don’t forget about stamp duty. It actually varies from state to state, so it can be hard to know exactly how much money to set aside. Jump into our calculator, select your state, answer a few questions about your property use, confirm you’re a first home buyer, and enter the property value and loan amounts. 

Then you’ll have the government fees you’re up for (including stamp duty), and if there are any concessions you can apply for.