First Home Buyers

Lenders have very specific policies around lending to first home buyers. The pricing of their home loan products can vary substantially.

Purchasing your first home can be an exhilarating process as well as a daunting one especially when it comes to choosing a home loan product.

I understand that this is a significant commitment you are making so it is my responsibility to guide you, educate you, maximise your chance of securing your first home and to make sure the loan product suits you.

There are 1000′s of home loan products for First Home Buyers which will take hours upon hours for you to go through and understand. The loan that is right for someone else may be completely wrong for you. By having me on your side you can be confident your finance is in capable hands and you can concentrate on selecting your very first home.

A lot of first home buyers are unaware of ways to get into the property market with a minimal deposit or no deposit. If you are thinking of purchasing your first home or investment property or simply wish to know more about the whole process, I am readily available.

You may have questions such as:
  • Am I eligible for the First Home Owner Grant?
  • What is a guarantor and how can I use one?
  • What is mortgage insurance and will it be payable?
  • How much is stamp duty?

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