A Mortgage Broker you can trust

Our customers keep telling us, and the banks always remind us, that Brokers have become such a vital part of the community and the economy. As we are paid by the lender, we provide a free service to the customer, in a highly skilled manner, in plain English.

Think of a broker like external bank staff, or mobile lenders - but we represent over 30 banks and specialty lenders. We constantly revise their policies, products, interest rates and processes.

This allows us to attain the most suitable loan product and great rates for your circumstances. On top of this, we help guide you through the property and legal processes when buying a property.

Whether you are looking to:

  • Purchase a home or investment property (existing or first home buyer)
  • Looking to refinance and reduce your interest rate
  • Buying another home or investment property
  • Considering commercial properties (for investment or business)
  • Development finance
  • Check any other variation or finance needs

For a quick initial chat call Gary on 0413 100 302 or use the form to send me a message.


  • Michelle Mella
    Gary went above and beyond all expectations. He is an excellent broker
  • Richard Winter
    Gary is very attentive to my needs and always follows up on all the questions I ask. Has a real understanding of service and quality.
  • Ian Edwards
    Gary is very easy to deal with and gets great results
  • Tobias Rowles
    Gary was extrememely helpful, always contactable and knowledgeable in guiding us through all the steps and the process of purchasing our first home.
  • Anna Masters
    He knows what he's talking about, and he was attentive and available to answer questions/ deal with issues etc.
  • Robyn Williams
    Professional, friendly and helpful throughout the whole loan affair.
  • Leo Oostveen
    It is 100 likely because I referred Gary Phillips to my brother-in-law for his purchase and will continue to recommend Gary's services
  • John Binfield
    I would and I have recommended Gary to friends. He takes all the hassle out of getting a Home loan and can't do enough. I have complete trust in him to do the right thing by us.
  • Julian White
    Gary was utterly professional and courtious from initial engagement to the settlement - Always on hand to answer any queries and achieved a great outcome for us with a quick turnaround. Undoubtedly the best financial advisor we have ever used.
  • Peshiya Moyo
    Gary was very helpful and always did what we asked. Always willing to help, very polite, professional and kind. He is just abrilliant man, nothing i can fault him, its good, fun and great working with Gary, we will be calling him for our next property forsure
  • Peter Harris
    Gary was very easy to deal with and very efficient.
  • Gavin
    It was a long process and we finally did it with your help, it is much appreciated. We ended up moving in on the settlement day, all the furniture and stuff was in by 6pm and we slept in our new room, over the following days we set everything up and had many visitors.
  • David Travers
    Gary's impresses me with his professional approach to his craft. I would work with him again.
  • Eduardo Rea
    Gary helped my wife and I with much needed financial advise in every way.
  • Chelsea McMahon
    I was very happy with Gary's performance as my mortgage broker. He was very attentive and informative during the process and made the process as easy as possible. I would definitely recommend him.
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