John Norgett

Loan Market Mortgage Broker servicing Geraldton, Beachlands, Seacrest and surrounding suburbs

About John Norgett

John Norgett is Geraldton through and through, he loves the town and the lifestyle it offers.

He understands the local community, is sociable, easy to get on with and well liked as well as respected in the Mid West. With over six years' finance broking involvement in Geraldton (where local knowledge is essential) John is knowledgeable, experienced, determined and, at times prepared to be very direct and assertive in presenting the case for his clients.

Finance broking for John is far more than a way of making a living – it's his life! He thrives on thinking, is passionately committed to listening carefully to what each client tells him, and then customises outcomes for everyone who comes to him for assistance. This generally means taking a consulting approach, asking the right questions to ensure that he has the full picture, trouble-shooting challenges and tailor-making the ideal and most cost effective lending solution for each client's special and unique circumstances.

In his own words, he says "I love winning, enjoy challenges, am stimulated by human interaction and love going in to bat for people. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing the look on a first home owner's face when their loan is approved, or taking over a client whose loan applications have been rejected by several lending institutions, sitting down with them to understand why the 'knock backs' have occurred, and then building a strategy that leads to a successful outcome.

"I specialise in taking my clients' grey lives and helping them to interact successfully with banks 'seemingly unmovable' black and white policies. That is a skill that I have developed and honed over a number of years, and while it does require knowledge and technical ability, above all it demands great communications, people skills and an absolute determination to help others."

Awards are opportunity for industry bodies and others to benchmark performance and recognise success.

John won Best First Year Broker (Rookie of the Year) with the first finance broking firm he worked with in Geraldton, won a Special Achievement Award in 2012, and was last year awarded the prestigious State Customer Service Award for Loan Market in WA.

Why approach John Norgett for assistance with your loan application?

Having an experienced finance broker to guide and mentor you means that that you have a trustworthy and dedicated advocate on your side – someone who will take the time to understand your precise circumstances, look at ways in which your case can be presented in the best possible light, know which lenders to approach first and, should it be necessary, help you to 'fight your corner' and get your application successfully over the line.

John's highly qualified, strategic and effective services are paid for by the lender who approves your loan, and by talking to John and working with him on your application, you have nothing to lose – and everything to gain!

Scope of Services

In addition to home loans for first home buyers and more experienced applicants, John welcomes a call from clients who require investment finance, the refinance of an existing loan, debt consolidations, constructions loans, SMSF loans, commercial loan applications and low doc loans for the self-employed.

Always speak to your broker first!

Whatever your requirement, a timely call to John Norgett, before you even think about calling a financial institution, is a wise investment that could save you time, money and unnecessary 'declines'.