Car Loans

It can take time to find the right car for you, so when you do, you don't want your car loan to hold you up.

Because we work with a wide panel of lenders, we can find you competitive rates with the most favourable conditions. We know which lenders have the hottest deals and who's approving fast, so you can move quickly when you find the right car.

Your mortgage broker will help you get pre-approval for your car loan.

You'll know exactly how much you can afford to pay and when you find your dream car, the money will be ready to go.
It's a good idea to get an impartial view on your car loan. If you go through dealer finance, the person organising your finance might be closely connected to the dealership, taking away from your bargaining power.
We separate the two parts of the transaction, so you can make sure you get a great deal on the car and a great deal on the finance. We even have relationships with a buying group that could get you a better deal on the type of car you're looking for so it's worth chatting to us first.
Your mortgage broker can help you work out which type of loan is right for you and your financial situation.

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