Talk to the right people

Talking financials is tough. That's why having the right people around you will help make that process a whole lot smoother.

Apply for fast pre-approval

Mortgage Broker

A key player to get involved in the process is a mortgage broker. A Mortgage broker will help find the right loan for your particular circumstances and source loans from a wide variety of lenders. Mortgage Brokers act as a translator to help you understand the entire new loan lingo.They take the time to determine your individual needs, do all the paper work, and negotiate with lenders to get you a better deal.


Your taxable income may be a key factor influencing your investment strategy. When considering the tax implications of investing in property you should always reach out to your accountant for professional advice.

Financial Planner

Investing in property is one of the many ways you can build wealth. Having a long term strategy for wealth creation is essential when considering property investment. It's worth finding a financial planner you can trust to guide you when considering different types of investments.

Solicitor or Conveyancer

Buyers will require either a solicitor, conveyancer or settlement agent to legally transfer the purchased property. Part of their role is to conduct title searches which ensures the seller is entitled to release the property.

Your solicitor or conveyancer will thoroughly check the contract of sale and make sure you understand your legal obligations.

Realestate Agent

We recommended you find a good local real estate agent who can provide you with an overview of current market trends and property statistics. Once you have narrowed your search down to a particular area and property type a local agent can help identity properties that match you investment strategy.

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