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  • Alicea Sparkes
    Owner Occupied Loan
    James is an amazing professional. He made the whole process smooth and easy. We had issues with getting the loan initially , but then we were referred to James. He made it all happen for us and kept us informed from beginning to end. Thank you so much James. If you need a loan and exceptional advice James is the go to person!
  • Thiago Passos Dos Santos
    Owner Occupied Home
    James is an exceptional broker, I have met with other brokers before, but James is one of the best. He kept us informed the whole way throughout the loan process, and everything went through great. He got us one of the best rates in the market and his service is exceptional. If you need a loan you have to talk to James. Love your work, will be definitely doing our next loan through you!
  • Norbert Kaess
    Investment Loan
    Highly recommended. When he says he's able to make something happen then it happens. Too many brokers these days can't deliver on their promises but he definitely can. Very happy and will use his services again!
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