Mortgage Broker in Newcastle, Charlestown, Maitland and surrounding suburbs

Let me find a deal to suit your needs and objectives. I will verify your borrowing capacity, calculate your loan repayments and disclose all applicable fees and charges. As a mobile broker, I come to you to find solutions to meet your home finance needs.


  • Anne S - Maitland
    Loan Increase
    Loan Market are the BEST. I wouldn't go anywhere else when needing to borrow money or for any other financial help. Great service every time we have used them we have never been disappointed.
  • Jarrad Cook - Fern Bay
    John Paine provided us with everything we need. John made sure we were comfortable with our decisions and I cannot complement him on his services any higher.I honestly believe that John could not have done anything more to assist us.
  • Des Owen & Kristy Philp - Kurri Kurri, NSW
    John from Loan Market was very personable, professional and helpful in assisting us buy our first home. He helped us choose the best finance option for our current situation. With such a major commitment in buying our first home, John helped us massively. He made the process much less daunting. I highly recommend John's services. He is very knowledgeable, and knows the ins and outs of the whole process. He shared his experiences and kept us up to speed with the entire process (real estate, lenders, solicitors).If ever we are in the position of buying another house, we will call on Johns services. I have already recommended him to friends and work colleagues.
  • Callan & Fiona Walker - Merewether, NSW
    John was able to provide us with a professional, efficient and intelligent level of expertise. His advice calmed our nerves and allowed us to enjoy the experience of purchasing our first home. We'd recommend him to anyone looking to engage a broker. John was able to listen to our needs and answer our questions in a considered and intelligent manner. At no stage did we feel under pressure or that we were being 'sold' or 'pitched'. We felt comfortable through the entire process. John provided a calm, informed level of communication. He took the time to assess our needs & requirements, then explained the numerous options. We felt comfortable asking naive questions, and were able to bounce ideas off John and seek feedback. He also found us several really good product options to consider.
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    We’re starting later, it’s costing more - is the property dream unreachable in 2020?

    Once upon a time, let’s call it the 80s, the average Australian would buy their first home at the age of 24. Here we are, three decades later, and buying property doesn’t occur until we’re 35. Why is that? Is it thanks to the price of housing in our popular cities, and the militant discipline required to save a gigantic deposit? Or is it that we’ve decided to ‘live a little’ in our twenties, choosing renting and share-housing over striving to attain our first property asset? And is property still the asset class it used to be? Let’s discuss.

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    The race to the bottom; banks start zealously cutting rates

    In the midst of a terrifying and rough summer for much of Australia, it’s odd to reflect on the season that has been for real estate. It’s been a while since the temperature of the housing and home loan market has been so pleasant. Record low rates, looser credit criteria, lender competition, government incentives, much more market activity and property price growth have been coinciding of late. The sentiment has changed and it can be seen in renewed investor and owner-occupier activity, banks proudly shouting about new low rates, and first-timers getting a gift from the government.

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    Is your cash making you poorer?

    ​You know the phrase, “asset rich, cash poor”? It’s never been uttered in a more provocative environment. Even if you’re generally flush with cash, cash as an investment type is hamstrung these days by the central bank cash rate, meaning you’re poorer than you need to be. Let me say it straight. Cash, right now, is kinda useless as an investment. Rates are about as low as they can go (or are they?) so any cash investments still held are no longer helping your cause. That’s presuming the cause is wealth creation. Cash investments are simply not delivering the returns and the low risk profile that have made them popular for so long.