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I pride myself on being solely customer focused when recommending products. Having worked for the banks in the past I have realised the power of being a finance broker; I can help more people achieve their dreams and make sure they are getting the best possible outcome.


  • Damien
    We went through the pre-approval process and thought it was going to be difficult. We are not young and didn’t have much in savings. Joseph sat with us and got to know our situation, we gave him a huge task of coming out on the weekend and needed pre-approval to bid on Wednesday. By Monday night we had the pre-approval in place and couldn’t believe it! Thank you Joseph, for all your help, you have been amazing”.
  • Ella
    It was an absolute pleasure working alongside Joseph Daher. He made things easy and always went above and beyond what was required. He was very professional and always followed things up in an ‘easy to understand’ approach. I would highly recommend Joseph to all my family and friends. Thank you Joseph
  • Fabian
    Joseph has helped me secure 2 loans so far with the utmost service and professionalism. He goes above and beyond for his clients and has proven to me that he isn't out there to just make money but really cares about the clients and advice that he gives. Will be recommending him to all friends and family!
  • Jana
    Joseph was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He went well out of his way to come and see us and kept us up to date every step of the way.
  • Anne
    I found Joseph through a friend of mine. I recommend him to anyone who need help or advice regarding mortgage issues. He has advised me very professionally when I spoke to him with my issues. Thank you Joseph.
  • Rohit
    Thank you for your efforts throughout the loan process. I cannot thank you enough for assisting us in the mortgage process. Buying an existing property then building three dwellings requires a lot of patience and thought process in getting the loan approved, not mentioning the challenges you had to overcome. During this time, you were not just our loan officer/broker but our mentor who guided us through. Joseph, you surpassed my expectations at all levels and made this complicated process the most simplistic experience. Thank you so much for all you did for me and for all of your patience. You have been wonderful since day one, and you can be sure that if I know anyone looking for a loan they will have your name and number from me! There simply are no superlatives sufficient to thank you for your fantastic service!
  • Beverly
    I scored Joseph a 10 as he was absolutely amazing. He made the whole process stress free and easy for me. He came to my workplace to get documents or to sign contracts etc. He is professional and knew what he was talking about. He was kind and patient the whole time. I would like to thank him as the loan consolidation is something that I never thought would happen for me. It will make a huge change to me. Thanks so much Joseph.
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