Investment Loans: Tax and Negative Gearing

Investing in property can be a smart wealth creation strategy. You can invest in any property type units, duplex or house, and it is essential to talk to experts when making your decimation around the type of property and investment strategy.

An accountant, financial planner, real estate expert and mortgage broker are professionals you should talk to when considering investing in property in Cheltenham. Essentially, there are two ways you can make money through property investment:
  1. Positive income returns: positive income returns happens when the investment income is greater than the investment expenses.
  2. Capital appreciation: with time the property value should increase so that it is worth more than the original purchase price.

It's important to do the math carefully and to seek professional assistance from an accountant and financial planner when looking at your property investment options in Cheltenham. For more information on property investment loans talk to your local mortgage broker today.