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Li Cunxin
If you haven’t heard his name, you most certainly would have heard of Li’s incredible journey as Mao’s Last Dancer, immortalised in his best-selling autobiography. Li will share with us his extraordinary and inspirational story of determination and resilience. Being plucked from his family at the age of 10 to undergo a harsh training regime, he went on to become a world acclaimed ballet dancer. Opportunity led him to defect to the West and then move to Australia where he eventually became a stockbroker. In a return to his true profession, he now proudly heads the Queensland Ballet Company. A tale of talent, faith and determination, it is a moving account of the moral complexities, personal costs and rich rewards of following one’s dreams. Watch Li's Highlight Video ›

Chris Helder
An incredibly energetic speaker, Chris will help you discover the keys to influencing yourselves and those around you. These skills range from adjusting to different personality 'intensities' to eliminating 'toxic' behaviours and approaching the future with certainty and clarity. Chris has developed a powerful platform of material and models that will help you improve your mindset and lift results. Chris’ presentation is the ideal mix of high-energy motivation and practical content, all delivered with a fresh, engaging, and sometimes humorous, style.Watch Chris' Highlight Video ›

Daniel Flynn
Co-founder of the highly successful Thankyou Water, Daniel tells an inspiring story of determination and persistence in following a vision and not letting others’ doubts get in the way! He will describe how, despite their age, he and his partners were able to embrace some creative and daring strategies that challenged traditional thinking and overcame long established boundaries. Daniel’s story reflects his resolve and remarkable commitment, proving that with the right will and intent, you can turn a grand idea into reality. Watch Daniels's Highlight Video ›

Vinh Giang
Vinh will open your mind to new possibilities as he takes you on an unforgettable journey through his moving family story, remarkable insights into human psychology, business and the wonderful art of magic. Through identifying and understanding how we are fooled by illusions, as well as the tricks life plays on us, he will unlock your minds with memorable messages to change your business and personal lives. We are excited to present Vinh Giang, who, as Australia’s most in demand speaker in 2015, will close our event with mastery and flair. Watch Vinh's Highlight Video ›

Gus Balbontin
Bio coming soon... Watch Gus's Highlight Video ›

Breakout Sessions

This year’s breakout sessions will focus on the experiences and insights of the best performers in the business. Each session is designed to share ideas and work practices that enable brokers to build on their successes and reach greater heights, whether it be through the adoption of new initiatives and resources, expanding teams or embracing efficiency strategies. Coupled with sessions on real take home tools for your business, these breakouts will provide some meaningful and practical value for all delegates.

Sessions are now on the schedule, check them out here.

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