For property managers: Scripts for selling broker services


Can our in house finance team see if they can get you a better rate on your home loan with your existing bank? It will only take 5 minutes and I can get [broker's name] to call you today.

What we’re finding is that many of our investors/landlords are currently enjoying significant savings on their mortgage. What I’d like to do is have [broker's name] our company mortgage consultant, give you a call to make sure that you’re getting the rate.

Our in house broker [broker's name] saves our clients money on the cost of their loan meaning if we can get your costs lower we may be able to lower the rent and get your property let for the same net result.

At Ray White our ambition is to achieve the maximum return on the investment for our landlords. As the biggest expense for a property investor is their mortgage, we offer a mortgage interest rate assessment to ensure our landlords rate.

We have found that many of our landlords have saved thousands of dollars per year and in many cases easily offsetting the cost of our management services.

What return are you chasing/aiming to achieve on your investment? Your loan can impact the return on your investment.

We like to assist our landlords in maximising the return on their investment and find that engaging a broker will do this by saving you money on the cost of your loan.

Where are you up to with your plan for your next investment property? Well at that time, let me speak with our in-house broker and see if we can save you some money.

What I’d like to do is have our broker to call you to see if we can’t get you a better rate, we’ve been finding that they’ve been successful in negotiating significant savings for many of our investors.

There are only two ways that we are able to improve the return on your property, either increase the rent or reduce your costs. As the market won’t support a rent increase at the moment, may I ask how long it’s been since you’ve had your loan on the property reviewed?

In our business we do not focus on the fees we charge, rather on how we can deliver the very best return for you on your investment, and we do that in several different ways. By return on your investment we mean the highest cash flow for you, and maximum capital appreciation for the time you own the property.

Annually, we will provide you with an up to date market appraisal, so if your equity increases then it may provide the opportunity for you to consider acquiring another investment property. We know what investors expect, we want to build your wealth, that's why we focus on your return.

We know and understand that the most significant cost in holding an investment property is servicing the mortgage, so the first thing we recommend is having our mortgage advisor review your loan conditions and interest rate to make sure you are on the very best available . This will automatically occur annually. Whilst achieving the highest rent is a priority, a reduction in your loan rate is as good as a rental increase. Additionally, we want to make sure you have an up to date depreciation schedule so you're receiving the maximum tax concessions, and of course that you claim all expenses including our management fee which are also tax deductible.

After an inspection

Our routine property inspection shows the tenants are looking after your home, the rent is being paid on time and is up to date. I’ll send through some photos for your records. While I’ve got you, we are continually looking for ways to improve our service for our investors, would you like to see if we can return on your investment?


We may be able to offset the cost of your repair and increase the return on your investment by saving you money on your current loan, can I get our finance expert to give you a call today.

Hi [landlord's name] - I'm phoning to advise you that we’ve had a request from the tenant for another urgent repair, this time it’s the hot water service. We are conscious of costs and how this affects your investment return, however there are some costs that cannot be avoided.

In an effort to preserve your return or indeed improve it, what I’d like to do is have [broker's name], our mortgage advisor, contact you to see if see if they can offset the cost of the repair by reviewing your mortgage interest rate. This is simply another part of the service we offer our investors

Any landlord that needs to pay for a repair we ensure our in-house broker [broker's name] calls to see if he can offset the cost of the repair and ultimately raise the return on your investment by saving you money on your current loan.

As we want to avoid surprises, especially in regard to repairs and maintenance, so our routine inspections are very thorough and we will make recommendations to attend to items needing attention so we can keep your investment in tip top condition. We also want to make sure that your loan has a redraw facility just in case an unexpected large repair is necessary at a time when funds may not be available. We engage first class trades people and due to the volume of work we give them, we negotiate lower hourly and call out rates, and pass these savings onto you.

Request for rental increase or fee reduction

One of the additional services that we can offer you is getting our in-house finance expert to give you a call to see if they can get you a better return on your investment. Can [broker's name] give you a call this afternoon?

May I ask how long it’s been since you reviewed your loan to ensure the lowest interest rate in the market?

It is worthwhile focusing on managing the debt on your investment property rather than just increasing the rent.

Response to potential landlord asking for a lower management fee

Are you aware that a 1% drop in management fee equates to (1% on $400) $4 a week?

We find that on average we can save you 10 times this if you allow a broker to look over your loan regularly to secure the lowest interest rate.

Tenant/lease renewal

Tell me how long do you think you will be renting?

Did you know, what you’re spending in rent can be counted as savings? Rental payments will be considered as a credit position or a form of saving in a loan application.

What I’d like to do is have [broker's name] call you to determine how much you can borrow and when you could buy your first home.

When your lease is due for renewal and we believe that the market will not support a rental increase we will advise you of this as we believe it's best to have a tenanted property rather than a vacant one.

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