Mortgage broker in Stuart Park, Darwin, Woolner, Palmerston

If it's a loan for purchasing property, building or just looking for a more competitive rate on your current loan, I can help find a solution for you.


  • David Tepper
    Luke was practical and courteous at all times, he had a great understanding of our needs and was able to find a solution to our challenges
  • Barry Chick
    Luke was an exceptionally knowledgeable person who knew my situations of never being home and catered very well to it. He made dealing with the whole first home situation a very non stressed process and a very nice person to do business with.
  • Debbie Walter
    Approachable, down to earth manner. Explained everything well. We felt comfortable to ask questions. And came through with a positive loan arrangement.
  • Olwen Sutherland
    Luke managed to negotiate me a better rate with my current bank and saved me a fortune.
  • Michael Hutchison
    Luke was very professional in all of my dealings with him, he was always available to answer my questions thoroughly and seemed to do that little bit extra for us. My partner and I are extremely appreciative of his work.
  • Joel Wehrmann
    He went above and beyond to help us secure a home loan. He also explains in great detail how things need to be done and what it is he going to do and if that suited us. The lad is AWESOME
  • Malcolm Finlay
    I had been waiting for another bank to give me finance and they waited until the day before the finance date only to tell me they could not give me the 95 loan I was after. I rang Luke in an attempt to get finance from another bank in under a fortnight ...which he did with time to spare and everything worked out great.
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