Mortgage broker servicing Hallett Cove, Port Noarlunga, Brighton and surrounding suburbs

  • First Home Buyers

    Buying your first home is always so exciting! It can also be challenging to navigate through the process. My job is to ensure that buying your first home is as stress free as possible. Together we will work out your borrowing capacity, how much deposit you will require (including stamp duty etc) and what product would suit your needs.

  • Home Loans & Investment Loans

    In today’s world of lending, there are many different policies when it comes to owner occupied properties and investment properties. Rates will differ (investment rates are generally higher), policies will differ as to what you can borrow (some banks will allow you to borrow up to 90% of purchase price, others 95%) and there are many different products available (for example offset account, redraw facility etc.)

    You can waste hours trying to research these things in order to see what might be right for you and still come up against a brick wall. Rather than waste your time, give me a call, let’s chat about what you want as opposed to what a lender ‘requires’.

  • Refinancing

    When was the last time you had a home loan health check? If it’s not in the last three years, it’s time! Rates and policies change all the time and you could be saving money. An obligation free home loan health check can be completed very simply, so why not give me a call to arrange. I can assure you if it’s not in your best interest to refinance, I will let you know.

  • Asset Finance

    Looking to buy a car? Asset finance may well work for you. Rather than going through a dealer who can sometimes have a higher interest rate, talk to me about your circumstances. We can then look at a panel of lenders who may offer you a more competitive deal.


  • Thomas, Prospect
    We really struggled to get our first home loan. We had been knocked back and Marie was our last hope. Marie managed to get it through for us and eighteen months later, we have used the equity in this property to buy another and we haven't looked back. Great work Marie!
  • Libby, Fulham Gardens
    Dear Marie, Thank you very much for helping me achieve my dream and being so happy to put in the extra effort. I appreciate all of your help and will recommend you to all of my friends.
  • Carla, Camden Park
    Dear Marie, the split loan you organised for us last year is working really well. We have managed to pay an extra year's mortgage repayments into the variable portion. This will enable us to have a stress free year when we have our baby. Thank you!
  • Lesley S, Port Noarlunga South (2016)
    Her service and professionalism were wonderful, she had outstanding product knowledge. Our circumstance was not the easiest and she fould solutions quickly and we had our mortgage within 5 weeks.
  • Amanda H, Moana (2016)
    Marie kept me informed, tailored the loan to my needs, was very flexible with appointments and was fantastic to deal with.
  • Pamela N, Port Adelaide (2015)
    Marie showed great attention to detail. Answered all questions in full in everyday language. Replied to emails etc promptly. Always had plan B in case A didn't work. Kept us on track with getting our paperwork to her. Never lot focus of our goal. Positive.
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