Loan Market Mortgage & Finance Broker servicing Springfield, Greenbank, Ipswich and surrounding suburbs

What is a Mortgage & Finance Broker

Loan Market mortgage and finance brokers are trusted professionals who’s role is to lead you through the lending process. Whether it is a home or investment loan, personal loan, car loan or for business purposes, a Loan Market broker will talk through your needs, conduct research on your behalf, deal with the banks and then take care of the paperwork for you.

Loan Market brokers have large variety of lenders that they work with and the great thing is the fee for service is paid by your chosen lender, meaning less out of pocket expenses for you. 

We work for you and not the banks.


  • Rohan & Melissa from Springfield
    Home purchase
    Wow! Mark is amazing. We highly recommend him for all of your needs. Not only is Mark a lovely person but a great broker too. He goes above and beyond, he not only knows his stuff but he is also a good listener, compassionate and understanding. To use an analogy, Life sometimes throws curve balls and Mark knows how to hit them out of the park. We are extremely appreciative of all Mark has done for us and will be telling everyone about it.
  • Mike and Jen from Ripley
    First Home Buyers
    Mark goes above and beyond to help his clients and always does the right thing by them. We cannot recommend him enough!!
  • Andrew from Morningside
    First home buyer
    Just moved into my first home/unit and I can't thank Mark and his team enough. Mark was very helpful and pointed me in the best direction as best he could and was always able to return a call and give me the time to discuss any question I had. He gave me great options and ultimately helped me make informed decision. I feel that having a broker was the best decision possible, and with Mark I can not question it at all. Also the team around Mark, especially Karen, made the process so much easier. I didn't have the easiest of transactions with my loan approval, but Karen (and Mark) went out of there way to make sure they helped every step of the way. Thank you both again
  • Jackie from Spring Mountain
    First home buyer
    Mark has been amazing every step of the way guiding us through our mortgage application! He made it so easy for us and answered every one of our questions ASAP! Thank you so much Mark!
  • Rachel from Springfield
    Refinance to become a sole home owner
    Mark and Karen recently helped me refinance my home loan to become a sole home owner. They did everything humanly possible to help me secure a loan and get the best deal for me. They not only made the whole process as stress free as possible but have gone above and beyond, the loan helping change my life and my kids life for the better. Can't thank them enough and can't recommend them highly enough. I look forward to using there devices again in the future.
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