Loan Market mortgage broker based in Port Melbourne

With over 18 years experience in finance, I know that I am the right person you can engage to take care of your finance and Investment needs. My advice has helped thousands of clients over the years and my team is proud to offer a great service and advice on every single transaction – the most important being yours!

Loan specialties:

With my extensive accounting and taxation background, I specialize in both business and individual clients.

Business loan specialties include:

  • Commercial loans
  • Business loans including start ups
  • Vehicle and equipment finance
  • Cash flow lending

Did you know? Many business customers do not realize they’re paying high rates and fees, when they could be paying home loan rates using their residential property as security – you need an expert to show you which banks play in this space!

Individual loan specialties include:

  • Home loans for new purchases
  • Investment loans for wealth creation
  • Refinances to consolidate debts and reduce repayments
  • Construction loans
  • Multi-unit developments


  • Christopher
    “Mark is the consummate professional, a man of his word - champions integrity and is enormously proactive, a born problem solver and the ability to find the best outcome for his clients every time. His team is simply amazing and Mark is a phenomenal asset.”
  • Debbie & Darren
    “Mark is a complete professional, full of informative information, always helpful extremely easy to deal with. I could not recommend Mark highly enough 10 out of 10.. We will recommend Mark to anyone who needs any financial advice or help.”
  • Jason
    “His service was outstanding. He was always there for us and reaches out throughout every step in the process. Ours was a complicated scenario, and I honestly don't think we could have pulled it off without him.”
  • Mandy
    “Mark is AMAZING! This is my first home so I didn’t know anything about having a mortgage. Mark explained it all to me and gave me some great advice.”
  • Simon
    “The guy helped us out personally when there was an issue with our Conveyancer within 4 hours of settlement..... Absolutely amazing.”
  • Lorie
    “Mark was super efficient, returned and answered calls even after hours. Great help and knowledge.”
  • Erwin
    “Mark always there when we have questions. He make sure that we are on the right path and helped us every step of the way.”
  • Joanne
    “Mark went way above and beyond the call of duty, in a complex and difficult finance negotiation.”
  • Jared
    “He was very helpful and went beyond our expectations to get things done and kept our spirits up even when things didn't go to plan he always had a plan A,B, and C ready to go.”
  • Catherine
    “He was very efficient and knowledgeable, and sooooo helpful. He took the time to go through a mountain of paperwork with me so I could refinance with confidence.”
  • Rosa
    “He was always one step in front of me. The whole process was seamless and hassle free. He was always professional and just a lovely and knowledgeable person to deal with.”
  • Daniel
    “Mark was very helpful always contacted us to let us know what was happening its been a very stress free experience with Mark.”
  • Henry
    “Mark was friendly and always prompt in getting back to us when we had any queries or concerns. He kept us informed of the entire process.”
  • Ankit
    “Excellent communication all along. Managed expectations very well & went above and beyond as our representative.”
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    A certain “set and forget” mentality slips in with mortgages. Money leaves your account to nibble on your mortgage. Meanwhile, you get on with other things. But here’s the question — if you have an interest only mortgage (IO) when does it switch to principal and interest (P&I)?

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    Last Friday, Commissioner Kenneth Hayne released his interim report into the Banking and Finance industry which, at this stage, raises more questions than answers. The final report is due out in February, 2019 however with all the media commentary over the weekend, I thought I’d take the opportunity to highlight a few things that as your broker, I am particularly proud of in the wake of all this turmoil.