Mortgage broker in Lower North Shore

Having ridden through a number of economic ups and downs - including the GFC - throughout my finance broking career, I have seen huge changes in the industry and dealt with all types of client scenarios.

What sticks with me most throughout those years are the goosebump moments when I managed to help change clients’ lives for the better.

Finance broking is not only about securing the right interest rate. It is about delivering a tailored strategy to create stable futures and optimise financial outcomes. At Loan Market Lower North Shore, we are proud to deliver that service.

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    Negative gearing, capital gains and a possible Labor victory

    With the recent leadership spill - many questions have been raised. What does it mean for Australians and the housing market? Two things come to mind…

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    Rates are rising, but who will join the party?

    Westpac has broken the rate rise stalemate between the Big4 when it decided to raise home loan interest rates. With the official cash rate staying put by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and 3 of the Big4 now with a rate rise in play, who else will play copy cat and hike up their rates too?

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    Bank or broker? Who should help you with your loan.

    While there’s a lot to know when it comes to getting competitive, hassle-free advice on a loan, the question remains do you go with your bank or a mortgage broker?