Mortgage broker servicing Young and surrounding areas

  • Home Loans

    Whether the purpose of the loan is for the owner to occupy the property or use for investment, financing a home loan can be quite a process. Navigating this maze of products can be quite daunting and time consuming. Loan Market has access to over 30 lenders on the panel (including small and large banks and specialist lenders) with each lender having different products that may suit your specific needs. It is important that your home loan is fit for purpose and suits your lifestyle and specific financial situation.

  • Commercial Lending

    Are you looking to make a further investment in your business by purchasing retail, industrial or commercial property? Are you looking to grow your existing business or purchase a new business or franchise? Our varying panel of lenders offers a wide range of flexible products to help make this a reality for you.

  • Personal Loans

    Personal loans can be utilised for things such as cars loans, travel, weddings, debt consolidation etc. If you need a personal loan, I can explore the lenders on our panel to identify a loan that is right for your needs.

  • Self-employed

    Having grown up in a family business I understand that sometimes securing a loan may not be straightforward, with proof of income sometimes a challenge. With our wide panel of lenders which includes traditional banks and specialist lenders, this process is a lot more flexible so that we can explore a solution to fit your specific financial situation.

  • Refinance

    Reviewing your existing loan can be a valuable opportunity to ensure that you are getting the right product that is available to you in today’s market. A product that may have suited you previously may not be the right choice for you now.

  • Commercial Asset Finance

    If you are looking at purchasing a new vehicle, plant and handling equipment, earthmoving equipment, or maybe agricultural equipment for the farm, I have lenders who specialise in these facilities.


  • Jennifer
    Megan kept in touch constantly, so that I always knew where the process was up to and encouraged me to contact at any time if I had any questions.
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