Alicia James

Loan Market Mortgage Broker servicing Bridgeman Downs, Clayfield, North Lakes, Manly, Stone's Corner and surrounding suburbs

About Alicia James

Becoming a broker has been one of the best things I have ever done. After working for over a decade in lending with two of the major banks and also Military Mutual Bank, I realised that just working for the lender direct is very limiting. I could only discuss the handful of products they had to offer, as opposed to the 1,000’s of products available to a broker. It was my time working for a top broker in Australia that opened my eyes to what it means to be a broker and what has truly inspired me to become one.

To have the ability to review a client’s financial position and to provide them with options for their individual circumstance is so empowering to the client and is personally such a wonderful feeling to be able to provide such excellent, tailored financial solutions - making a real difference to someone’s life.

We’ve all heard similar horror stories where:

  • A purchase was lost because they weren’t able to get finance in time
  • Investment loans being structured completely wrong or
  • Clients have fallen short of funds on day of settlement.

To hear this is just gut-wrenching and can be totally avoidable. It all comes down to who you have in your corner! I can guarantee absolute dedication to all my clients where I provide personalised service. I do a thorough research of over 30 lenders and their products, based around what you want to achieve financially.

I explain what the next steps are, so you’re prepared and keep you informed the whole way through the process. After all, a mortgage can be with you for 30 years, it’s a long time….And what’s best is that I can be contacted at any time should you need any further information or additional lending.

I want to be known as an expert in client satisfaction. To be the broker that clients can rely on to call them back, that delivers competitive deals in the market for them, provides expert advice and guidance, where clients know I have their best interests at heart & act with utmost integrity. I have a broad range of lending experience and client base.

I can service:

  • Clients buying their first home
  • If you work in specialised fields - Medical or Military
  • Clients growing their investment portfolio or
  • Simply wanting to review your current mortgage

Everyone is different and you cannot cookie cut a mortgage. I can guarantee dedicated and tailored solutions for all my clients, after all - when buying a property, whether it’s your first or your fifth it’s a big deal! Especially for people who have bought their property and want to put money back into their pocket and reduce the term of their mortgage - now that’s empowering!

I’d like to share a tip in regards to looking for the right broker… To find a broker that has been in the retail banking industry for over a decade, that has passion, is reliable, is knowledgeable, has a sense of humour and a genuine interest in their clients…. it’s a strong indicator that you have just found yourself an excellent broker - me!

My clients can trust in me living by my mission statement: dedicated to making all my clients finance experience as effortless as possible - by keeping communication open and uncomplicated, all in the efforts to empower them to make the right decision for their finance needs.