Career Path

A franchise model that supports your personal ambitions

We believe in supplying a strong franchising framework designed to create a successful franchisees. No matter what stage of your career you're at, we've got a business structure to support you.

Starting out

We believe that solid upfront training and consistent commitment to learning and education is key to a successful career in broking. This is why we developed our industry leading MFAA-accredited Accelerated Mentoring Program (AMP). New to industry recruits can enrol in our two week accelerated training program that has been designed to enable future brokers to be industry ready and writing loans upon completion of the course. But, it doesn’t end there - graduates can access one-on-one mentoring with our AMP trainers for two years while they’re working in the industry.

Solo phase

When first starting out, you are most likely going it alone. We call this the ‘solo phase’. There are some very good operators who don’t want to put on staff; they want to keep their businesses simple and remain sole operators. We are here to support the franchisee in all areas they need. During this phase of your business life, it’s key to focus on mastering the sale process and becoming efficient at all the processes that are required to run a brokering franchise.

Team phase

As many brokers progress through their career, they decide they need help and find themselves in the second stage - the ‘team phase’. They look to employ or engage resources to help them with the administration burden of running the business. This could be full-time, part-time or on an outsourced basis. Having support means the franchisee can start to delegate some of their daily tasks, focus on tasks that can add value to the business, and do the things that they enjoy.

Business phase

Some franchisees start to dream bigger and need to expand their business operations. They need to employ more people to help. It could be they want staff that can generate more customers or engage loan writers to handle volume. We call this phase the ‘business phase’. These new staff members have customer facing roles and enable the franchise owner to expand their capacity - either by freeing up more time to spend with clients themselves or by actually having staff see clients and manage their finance requests.

Branch phase

The final phase is the ‘branch phase’. This occurs when the business owner has built the capacity to provide broader services to their community from within their business. Branches offer broader products like insurance, wealth management, equipment finance and leasing as well as commercial options. The franchise owner will be supported by a team of people, often within the same branch or as part of a close and integrated referral network. Their ambition is to look after the broad financial needs of their customers.