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Our comprehensive onboarding program provides you with the training and knowledge needed to be a fully-fledged Mortgage Broker

Leading the way in broker training

The Loan Market Way

We have been in business for over 20 years, and we have harnessed all of that knowledge and experience into our extensive Loan Market Way training program.

The Loan Market Way arms our brokers with the tools, knowledge and confidence to not only generate new customers but also provide the highest level of service from first meeting through to loan settlement and beyond. Comprising a series of extensive workbooks, videos and face-to-face seminars, The Loan Market Way is a comprehensive resource designed to help our brokers at any stage of their career.

The Loan Market Way's five steps to success:

  1. Prospecting and generating leads
  2. The phone call and preparation for appointment
  3. The customer interview
  4. Loan submission to settlement
  5. After sales service

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