We pride ourselves on our peer-to-peer learning. Hear from our brokers and find out what they've done to build successful businesses.

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    What have Loan Market brokers achieved in WA this year?

    Hear from Ken Maclennan Loan Market WA State Director on how Loan Market brokers have continued to hit their targets in a tough market.

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    Agent-broker partnership drives business outcomes

    Referrals sent between Ray White and Loan Market are far more likely to turn into business according to 2016 Principal of the Year, Alistair Macmillan.

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    What our brokers like most about Loan Market - part 1

    “...because we’re like one big family.” Listen to what top brokers Liz Henderson and Bruce Patten like most about Loan Market…

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    Five client-nurturing habits a broker can implement to increase referrals

    Building strong relationships with your clients doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s about making the client feel important and listening to what they have to say.

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    Top 5 tips to drive daily productivity if you’re a broker

    If you’re a broker, productivity is an important part of the health and success of your business. The more productive you are, the more time you can spend on your leads and clients. These useful tips can help you get there.

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    Podcast: Broker Support feat. Emerging Elite, Jacob Decru

    Ben van Halderen is joined by Jacob Decru to chat about the role of the Broker Support Unit in the business of an Emerging Elite. In this episode, we discuss how Jacob has taken advantage of the program as part of his growing business, the reasons Jacob engaged the program in the first place, ...

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    Supporting You To Be Amazing

    As a busy broker, it might feel like your to-do list is never-ending, spending more time on admin than doing what drives you, such as gathering and converting leads. At Loan Market we’re able to take a lot of this work off your plate so you can devote more time to the big picture and growing your...

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    Podcast: Top Broker Goals Part 1

    An interview with three of our top brokers’ and their goals for the new financial year. The episode shares what brokers are striving for, as well as some career highlights so far as they reflect on the past 12 months.

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    The Industry Is Changing: How You Can Make It Work For You

    As a professional mortgage broker, being aware of changes and challenges to the lending market is crucial. It’s important to understand the market and doing so will allow you to adapt, and not get left behind. Knowledge is power as they say, so here’s a wrap up of where we’re at right now.

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    Podcast: Josh Bartlett - Working with Agents and sales meetings

    An Interview with Josh Bartlett (Loan Market Australia #1 Broker 2015-2016) on - Dealing with Real Estate Agents. What do agents really want to hear from their Broker at a sales meeting? Josh has been a broker for just over 5 years and over 90% of his referred business comes from Real Estate Agen...

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    Using Facebook To Generate Leads

    Loan Market Mortgage Broker Jacob Decru has seen some great results from setting up his business Facebook page three years ago. He says that having this type of social media presence for your business ensures that ...

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    Digital marketing strategies that work

    These days, having an online business presence is critical. A strong web presence will help you write more deals and grow your business. Having a website and active social media channels (such as Facebook and LinkedIn) for your business will mean it’s easy for customers to find out about your ser...

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    How to go from solo broker to a small business

    If you have big goals then you’re in the right career. As a mortgage broker you can create a rewarding business at all levels - from solo operator to your own branch model. It’s all about having the right people in the right positions for your business to grow, and the right structure in place to...