We pride ourselves on our peer-to-peer learning. Hear from our brokers and find out what they've done to build successful businesses.

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    How can Connect Leads Manager help your business?

    At Loan Market, we support innovation and work hard to develop useful systems to make our brokers’ lives easier. We also actively encourage our brokers to share their wins with the network for the benefit of the whole business. One such win is Connect Leads Manager.

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    Podcast: Loan Market Chairman's Club - Rising to the top

    Hear from Sam White on who made it in the ‘Chairman’s Club’ for 2015/2016 at Loan Market? What is it and what do these guys do differently? This small group of amazing brokers have achieved incredible results. In fact, only 8 individuals/businesses, internationally were recognised for this achiev...

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    Podcast: Bruce Patten Number 1 Broker For Loan Market

    Bruce Patten is Loan Market's number one broker internationally. His career started in 2002 and he has written over 1.2 billion dollars worth of home loans and shows no signs of slowing down. Tune-in to hear how he runs his day, week and business. A humble guy writing big figures who certainly ha...

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    How to deliver exceptional service to your customers daily!

    In my six years as a broker, I have dedicated and continue to dedicate a large portion of my time to innovating within my business. My passion is customer service and ensuring I can deliver the best possible experience to everyone that I deal with. Given that commitment,I know how vital it is...

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    Streamline your back office tasks

    Because we understand brokers are looking to increase productivity and revenue, at Loan Market we base all our initiatives on assisting brokers in harnessing and converting more leads in less time. Alas, Loan Market has introduced Back Office Support, a remote PA solution available to all brok...

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    The Friday habits of the most successful brokers

    Priding herself on great communication and exceptional customer service, Doreen Lehmann is one of our successful brokers working out of Victoria. She’s let us in on what her Friday routine looks like.

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    The things elite brokers do on Monday morning

    They breathe passion, dedication and are inevitably successful. But what is it about the habits of an Elite broker that makes them so unique in their achievements? We look at Monday Morning in the life of Loan Market’s top broker Josh Bartlett from Victoria.

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    Leadership lessons: tips for planning for a new year

    Another year is coming to a close, and many of us are planning some well earned time off. With the year’s end comes an opportunity to prepare for what’s ahead. We sat down with our chairman, Sam White, to find out how he’ll be planning for 2017.

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    Leadership lessons: the signs of an entrepreneur

    Loan Market is a business that’s built on entrepreneurship - and proud of it. Over the years our chairman, Sam White, has met a lot of different people, all with very different leadership styles. When it comes to true entrepreneurs, however, Sam says they are easy to spot if you know what to look...

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    Leadership lessons: four things our chairman has learnt along the way

    Whether it’s owning a business or working within one, we all crave to be leaders in our field. Loan Market chairman, Sam White, is passionate about learning. His belief in a continued commitment to learning is seen in everything he does. We sat down with Sam and asked him what his greatest lesso...

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    Growing your business - Interview Sam White and Professor Boris Groysberg

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    Loan Market Leadership Programme Key Takeaways - Professor Boris Groysberg from Harvard Business School

    Loan Market brokers describe their key takeaways from the leadership programme.

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    Three ways to be innovative in business

    How can we adapt to change and increase our capacity without skipping a beat? We sat down with three members of the Loan Market team who are using innovation to do just that.