We pride ourselves on our peer-to-peer learning. Hear from our brokers and find out what they've done to build successful businesses.

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    Leadership lessons: five things our Elite brokers have in common

    After 22 years at the helm, Loan Market chairman, Sam White, has seen more than his fair share of elite brokers. What’s struck him most is that the most successful ones tend to share some characteristics.

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    How to get started in business lending

    When it comes to commercial lending, you’ve got capacity to venture into different areas. From commercial property, to lending against a business all the way through to property development; the commercial space is broad. We sat down with commercial lending veteran, Grant Rheuben, who shared his ...

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    Off the plan: how brokers and agents can work together

    Loan Market mortgage broker, Jason Cuerel and Ray White Robina agent, Shaun Darcy, specialise in off-the-plan sales. Such is their partnership now, Shaun has won the listing of a new Chinese development, Coral Apartments, and beat the likes of CBRE - all because of his broker.

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    Get more out of your day with these three tips

    Kristy Bartlett, Loan Market’s head of learning and development, spends countless hours with brokers identifying where they can be more productive. As she explains, the challenges brokers face often come down to a lack of organisation.

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    Word of mouth: why it's the most powerful marketing tool

    We spoke to one young broker who has done in two years what many of us are aiming for: 80 per cent of her business comes from clients referring their family and friends. ​As she told us: “Two and a half years ago I did a loan for one of my first ever customers. Since then she has sent all of her ...

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    Learning how to diversify

    Mike Burton became Westpac’s youngest employee when he joined the company at just 15 years old. Since that time, he not only made the transition from banker to broker, he’s also become a mentor in financial services across Western Australia for people who are looking to diversify their business.

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    Create team culture with these four tips

    When you join a franchise group like Loan Market - or any aggregator for that matter - you need to align your values with the values of the group. But above and beyond that, you should develop your own individual culture within your business that’s true to your beliefs.

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    Building an investment based broking business

    Dayna Hill bought her first investment property at 23. Before she became a mortgage broker, she made a career out of buying, renovating and selling properties - and she decided to teach people how to do it themselves based on her own experience.

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    Tips for building trust with real estate agents

    Referrers work the same way as customers - they talk. Word of mouth in the office goes a long way.

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    Have you thought of this customer retention tool?

    Brett Richardson is a broker with a different customer service strategy. His Loan Market business not only sells home loans, it also finances anything with wheels. And he doesn’t just do it for a second revenue stream, he uses asset finance as a client retention tool.

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    How to be a community-minded mortgage broker

    Mortgage broker, Mark Winter, became such an integral member of his local neighbourhood through his community engagement program, that the suburb of Springfield named a street after him. So, how did Mark start out and, how did he get to where he is today?

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    The key to adapting to your customers

    “You need to be a bit of a chameleon in this industry. Knowing your customer is the difference between good service and outstanding service.” That's according to Rockingham-based mortgage broker, Andrew Wilkinson.

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    Three steps to integrate into a real estate office

    Paul Hale is 12 years into his mortgage broking career and has one of the most lucrative Ray White referral partnerships in the Loan Market Group. So, how do we - as an industry - unleash the largely untapped opportunity in real estate? According to Paul it’s a three part journey.