6 reasons a Loan Market broker can help your client

It’s important now, more than ever for your client to talk to a broker about their home loan. As a Loan Market broker, my goal is to help your client get one step closer to achieving their financial goals. And this is how I look to do that:

  1. I don’t rest until your client is approved.
    A Loan Market broker negotiates (hard) with lenders and banks on your clients behalf – to get the deal that’s right for the client. I do all the legwork, and simplify everything.
  2. I compare rates from over 30 lenders quick smart.
    I have access to a large panel of lenders, which means more options. And with greater choice, comes lower repayments.
  3. Not owned by a bank, led by a family for 20 years (and counting).
    Loan Market is a family owned and led business. Not a bank. So you deal with a real human, who’s always on your side.
  4. No cost to the customer - I am paid by the lender.
    Our service is obligation-free, as I am paid by the lender they choose. I understand everyone has different financial goals and take the time to learn about what my customers are looking for.
  5. I come highly recommended.
    Right now, Loan Market has one of the highest ratings for mortgage brokers on productreview.com.au - 4.8 out of 5.
  6. It doesn’t stop at loans.
    I’m well connected. When it comes time to move, connect utilities, buy a car, renovate, protect yourself and your family, and start building your wealth, I can refer you to the right people to help.