Case Study - Valuation

Case Study - Valuation

How important is the value of your property?

We recently helped a client with a valuation on his property as he was looking at using the equity in his property to buy an investment property.

His current bank valued his property at $640,000; unfortunately this valuation would have resulted in him paying $10,000 in Lenders Mortgage Insurance, if he was the buy the investment property he was interested in.

So we approached banks 1, 2 and 3 and they valued the property as follows;
Bank 1 - $710,000
Bank 2 - $720,000
Bank 3 - $750,000 – saving the client $10,000 in Lenders Mortgage Insurance. All three lenders offered a better interest rate than the current lender.

It is a good idea to always get a second opinion, the valuations are covered by the broker and ensures the client getsaccess to the better loans in the market.

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