30% of American's and English get better rates and options than Australians!

No one ever likes coming second, especially Australians! That's why it's time to get better with our money and stop giving it to the banks.

Did your bank ever call you and offer a 0.5% reduction in your home loan rate, a reduction in the fees or to offer free advice around how to pay off your loan quicker? No, I didn't think so!

You see that's where 30% of home borrowers in Australia are going wrong. In the USA and England over 80% of home loans come via mortgage broker and in Australia it is approximately 50%.

Benefits of a good mortgage broker:

  1. They will seek out the best deal from numerous lenders and 00's of products so you save $
  2. They will offer free advice around structure, tax benefits and how to save on hidden fees
  3. They work for you not the bank so you get genuine choice
  4. They respect your business so do the best by you and are there every step of the way

If you would like to talk to a quality broker call Phil Seed on 0466 669 783 or email phil.seed@loanmarket.com.au

I'm based in Holland Park and service surrounding areas.