Unexpected Recognition

I had no idea that we were a finalist Internationally in the category "Best Client Campaign". This was an unexpected (total) surprise. There are about 1500 mortgage brokers in Loan Market (Australian and NZ). I got asked to watch the International Awards Zoom. Then this happened !!

We were announced this week as a finalist in the "International Best Client Campaign".

This recognition was for our YouTube client educational series, video tools, and the Home Loan Hacks podcasts and tips.     You might like to have a look at my YouTube channel and snoop through the playlists to see what we have started.    We are of course very happy, and proud to be recognized for providing client support tools.  Look out - much more is yet to come. Watch for more tips and hacks.

I'd like to give a big thank you to Julie Parker, Shane Mott, Debbie Beanland, Neil Manuel Michael Karpathakis, Tim Beanland, Beantalking, Sam White, Loan Market, and Peter Camphin for your support (or direct involvement in our marketing) which has contributed to this award.