Add an extra Property Investment Strategy a granny flat?

Hello Reader,
It’s that time of year - we’ve clicked over into
May and naturally thoughts turn to our finances with the end of the financial
year fast approaching. For some, a new financial year can open up opportunities
to access more funds, or for others it becomes a time of reflection where it’s
time to consider new ways to either save or create extra income. This month,
I’m covering all bases - I share my tips on how you can add value (and even an
extra income stream) to your property with a granny flat. If you’ve got a
renovation in the works, I share my knowledge about the different types of
lending out there, from credit cards through to construction loans.
As always, I’m here to help you achieve your
financial goals, so please don’t hesitate to get in contact today.
All the best,

Gary Plotzza