Are you an investor? Get more out of working with a broker

If you haven’t worked with a mortgage broker, you might be unsure how they can help you, what the process is, and perhaps even what they actually do.

Mortgage brokers are experts in the lending market, spending their time researching and comparing rates so they’ll know which lender is the right match for you (including lenders you may not have heard of). They’ll guide you through the complex lending process, perform the paperwork and answer any questions you have. The lending process is crucial to understand - it can be the difference between a solid or weak investment. Brokers also have expertise in negotiation and will help you secure a great deal for you.

When you’re new to property investing, enlisting a broker is invaluable. It’s important to do your own research, but when it comes to such a big decision as buying property, it’s worth it to consult an expert.  

Even if this is not the first time you’re dabbling in property investment, using a broker will save you time and energy. They’ll also save you money in the long run - by finding the right deal for you.

By law, brokers must not recommend a loan which is unsuitable for your requirements and will generally present you a short list of loans to choose from where possible. You have the power to ask them for their reasoning behind choosing a particular loan. A broker will typically get paid by your chosen lender with the amount being highly transparent as it is clearly outlined in the documentation.

Don’t risk going it alone when it comes to such a large and potentially life-changing purchase. Having a broker by your side while you’re navigating property investment will make you feel more confident and reassured.