Sunshine Coast: Are you one of the 33% of Australians that are failing to seek a better deal on their home loan?

In a recent article, Miklos Bolza from HomeNews reported that “Australian homeowners are failing to put in the effort to seek out better home loan deals”. 

This article made me think about why ... and after giving it some thought I came up with the following reasons people don't shop around for a better deal:

  • they like paying more than they need to
  • they see it as a huge hassle
  • they don’t know where to start
  • they don't think they have the equity to be able to refinance

No one likes paying more than they do... but they do!  

It seems crazy to me, but these days life is busy and it seems like a hassle or people don't know where to start.  

The way I look at it:  If you saved more than $1,200 a year and it took you 2 hours during the whole process to provide documents & change to a lower rate – you have effectively been paid $600 per hour for changing.  When was the last time you earned $600 per hour?

In areas like Noosa, Tewantin, Peregian, Cooroy and surrounding Sunshine Coast areas there has been significant capital growth in recent years and many people are surprised at how much equity they have that enables them to be in the position to move their loan to a new lender if need be.

In my eyes the rules are simple:

  1. Lets look at your current lender and see if we can save you $$ with them
  2. Only refinance to another lender if you will save more than it costs you to switch in the first year
  3. Lets make it as easy as possible and lets do it now

Start here!  Call me today, answer four quick questions to find out if there might be something cheaper on offer.  

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