Are Your Savings Goals Realistic?

Saving for a house can be a hard slog. Home loans will cover the majority of a property’s price, but you’ll still have to provide a deposit, and most of us just don’t have that sort of money lying around.

If you’ve already started putting funds aside, good for you! After a few months of saving you will see the amount grow and hopefully not mind too much any sacrifices you need to make to keep on track.

On the other hand, if you find it a real challenge to keep to your savings strategy, perhaps you need to revisit your game plan.

Often when we first decide to save for a big purchase, we can be quite ambitious. We might set ourselves an aggressive target and a short timeframe in which to achieve it.

Once we start trying to put money aside however, reality doesn’t always play out how we think it will. Unexpected expenses, a change in personal circumstance or the sheer newness of living to a tight budget can all make saving harder than it looks.

If this happens to you, don’t be discouraged. Simply realign your savings goals so that they are more achievable.

This might take a bit longer, but getting to your target is the most important thing!

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