Aussie spend more than they plan while on holiday

Aussie travellers spend more than they plan while overseas and this is the season for planning your next vacation.

Australian jet-setters know all too well how to blow out their holiday budgets.

When it comes to the reasons behind spending too much it’s because they overstretched their budget on shopping for clothes, souvenirs and gifts, food and drink, accommodation, transport and entry fees to attractions and events.

But being disorganised leads to overspending.

The reason so many travellers overspend is largely down to a lack of preparation before going away with poor budgeting. Only a fraction of holiday-makers set a daily or overall holiday spending budget, which makes tracking spending all the more difficult.

Many travellers are uninformed on the costs associated with using money overseas for example; little knowledge of exchange rates, what cards are accepted and foreign ATM charges.

It’s important to educate people how to optimise what they take in their wallet when they’re travelling to reduce fees and minimise risk. Travellers also failed to organise their travel money one week before they headed overseas and a majority of travellers don’t organise any emergency funds to access if they run into trouble.

Using travel money cards to load up currency is a good way to help stick to a budget while overseas and it allows you to exchange your cash in a much safer way.