Award-winning broker joins Loan Market

Award-winning mortgage broker Alex Lambros has joined leading aggregator Loan Market, excited by the opportunity to scale his business through partnerships with leading real estate network Ray White.

Real Estate Business website’s 2015/2016 Residential Mortgage Broker of the Year said tapping into Loan Market’s exclusive lead referrals with its Group partner was the original motivation for the move. But further exposure to Loan Market’s complete broker offering convinced him to make the commitment.  

"In Loan Market, I’m able to partner with the biggest brand in real estate," said Mr Lambros.

"But once I began talks with Loan Market, they opened my eyes to what they offer beyond the referral partnership with Ray White. Their resources are extensive, their marketing uniquely positions brokers to target audiences and their tech solutions are integrated so you can spend more time connecting with clients.”

In the wake of the Hayne Royal Commission, Mr Lambros said there was an opportunity to renew the broker-real estate agent relationship to benefit both parties.

"Real estate agents I speak to acknowledge that (new) listings are down and prices are down, but they're still moving properties - just at a different pace to what they were a year or two ago.

"Brokers need to support the agents, helping them present qualified buyers to vendors for the best chance of contracts settling.

"Last year was a dust storm, but the dust has now started to settle. I'm seeing the first signs of banks showing a willingness to lend again."

Loan Market Executive Chairman Sam White said Mr Lambros recognised the value of the brand’s relationship with its Group partner, Ray White. In 2017-18, more than 35,000 leads were delivered to Loan Market brokers courtesy of the exclusive partnership.

“Alex has a track record of offering outstanding value to his real estate partners, making himself a pivotal part of buying and selling property,” said Mr White.

“There are more than 500 referral agreements between Loan Market brokers and Ray White agencies and Alex is our latest broker to benefit from this pipeline.

"Loan Market is in growth mode across Australia and attracting talent of the likes of Alex gives me great confidence in what we're offering brokers amidst a changing financial landscape."