Basic introduction to loan structure

Our customers all have similar philosophies, pay the home loan off fast and make money from investing. Regardless of which category you fit into, one thing always holds true: it's not about the interest rate, it's always about the right loan structure for your needs.

Sometimes having the cheapest interest rate will cost more in the long term, when you take into account fees, flexibility of structure and liquidity. Having a good cash-flow structure in place for both your home loan and investment loan will enable you
to maximise your monthly cash-flow, and thus, secure financial freedom faster!

For all loans structure is the most important thing. We service a vast range of loans and structures, including Interest Only or Principal and Interest repayment options, non-conforming loans, building and construction loans, and development and commercial loans. We provide solutions for clients requiring residential lending, commercial lending, business lending, business
overdrafts, mortgage protection and financial planning products.

The key to finding the right loan from the vast array on offer is to determine the most beneficial structure for your situation. This could include a loan with an offset account, the option to pay interest in advance, choice of asset protection products and so much more.