How To Boost Household Savings By Cutting Energy Use

Home loans, debt and the general costs of living can sometimes make it hard to put money aside when you have a savings goal.

One way of cutting down on expenses is by reducing your energy use. Here are some handy tips on how to do just that!

Switch off devices

If you’re not using an appliance, shut it off! Standby mode is deceptive - it actually draws power.

So be sure to turn off at the wall things like phone chargers, microwave ovens, heated towel rails, stereos and other appliances that aren’t in constant use.

Minimise air conditioner dependence

Keep windows closed during the hottest times of day and be sure to shade them from the sun - you could close the curtains to do this.

Open up your home to let breezes flow through during cool hours, and move anything that impedes the free flow of air.

Turn on (and off) the bright lights

Install energy-efficient light bulbs, regularly clean them to make sure dust isn’t obscuring their brightness, and turn off lights when you leave a room.

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