Loan Market Broker Academy Receives Record Number of Applications

Over the Christmas period the Loan Market Broker Academy in Queensland received a record number of applications from potential new-to-industry brokers.

Loan Market Queensland state manager Andrew White said that 75 applications were received over the holiday break which was a substantial improvement on the 17 received over the same period last time.

“This is an amazing result and was certainly unexpected. It does give further evidence to the belief that our industry is becoming attractive to those outside the industry looking for a change,” Mr White said.

“Our Academy has hit a number of milestones this year with graduate settlement numbers nearly doubling each month, industry recognition and the opening of a brand new training facility. But to see such a large group eager to join our academy is the perfect way to end 2012.”

Mr White said that it was equally exciting to see a significant shift in the demographics of the applicants.

“Nearly 70% of these applicants are from people under 30 years old when usually in the past less than 1 in 4 of every application is usually from this age group. It is certainly encouraging to have younger generations considering a career as a mortgage broker.”

Loan Market QLD Academy Manager, Lindy Spillman said Loan Market would carefully process all the applications before placing them in the two-year program.

“Our academy covers all aspects of the home finance industry and provides the dedicated training needed for a variety of backgrounds and skill levels,” Mrs Spillman said.

Loan Market also operates their Broker Academy program in Melbourne and Sydney with dedicated coaches in each city.